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The year was 1982, and Jarek and Dianne were both still in high school when they fell in love. The kind of love so precious and rare that few will ever experience in their lifetime. This was not some meaningless tryst during a brief courtship, or a settlement for a lifetime of security.

This was the real deal, and they both knew it.

Days turned into months, and months into endless infatuation—as they spent many a night sneaking out in defiance—before an elopement plan to leave their families and friends for the rest of their lives was born. But when, on the eve of their greatest adventure, Dianne tragically died, both of their worlds ended. Distraught and in shock, Jarek would spend decades grieving over the horror that changed their lives forever.

But that is only half the story, because unlike a Hollywood movie with a poetic ending, life does not always work the same in reality.

When he finally returned to Kalispell, Montana to explain the circumstances of the accident, he was sure the Flathead County authorities would re-evaluate the case, see it for what it was, and do the right thing—just as the Canadian authorities did.

But they were not that kind of people.

And therefore, what this story tells is not only the details of how the ardent couple met, fell in love, concocted their elopement, and eventually executed the perilous plan, but also what happened twenty-four years later when Jarek returned to Montana to face the presumptuous Flathead County authorities.

A “Romeo and Juliet” story like no other, it is a tale of blind teenage love and the people who tried to turn their innocent elopement tragedy into a crime.

Read their story, look at the evidence, and judge for yourself.


A Tear In My Life


Barnes & Noble

Expanse Media Inc.
October, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-989309-00-1 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-989309-02-5 (Kindle)
LCCN: 2019903641


"... a tale unlike any other, told by the man who lived it... one of the most remarkable and unusual I have ever heard..."
– Keith Morrison, Dateline NBC

Read the book and find out:

  • What was life like for Jarek and Dianne?
  • What happened the night of the accident?
  • Why didn’t Sheriff Duport make an effort to find Jarek given the 'trail of bread crumbs' that was left behind?
  • What was life like living as a fugitive in Texas for 24 years?
  • Why were there two more charges filed by the State prosecutor?
  • Why did Judge Stadler award $20,000 for a plane that was worth $7,000?
  • What happened with the State, Federal, and Immigration cases?
  • What was the return to Vancouver, Canada like?