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Maybe, maybe not!
I wanna believe him, but I just don't know! Too many questions and way too many unanswered!
From: tarji123
On: Oct 12 2018 8:08PM
May I suggest reading the book, which references evidence on this website. There is no substitude for evidence. If you're going to listen only to reporters and shows like Dateline NBC, who don't seem to care about facts and evidence, then you'll never know the truth, or what really happened.

We all speculate because in some cases there is a lack of solid evidence, but not in this case... :)
From: Moderator
On: Oct 12 2018 8:08PM
First time ever...
I have been a watcher of true crime shows including Dateline and many others. Almost every time I am in disgust with the leniency they give these criminals for the horrible crimes they committed. However, after watching the episode with your story, I was aghast at how you ended up in jail at all! Never in my life have I thought the authorities where so off the mark in going after you at all. Yes, I could see that there was questions to be answered, but in no way was it a criminal act of murder. I felt so bad for you having to relive the whole hurtful truth over and over again. I remember how strong teenage love is and how you believe you are invincible at that age. I could see the hurt in your eyes as you told the story and answered their questions and knew then that it was a horrible accident. I hope that you can find peace and joy again. All the best to you!
From: TThomas
On: Jan 18 2020 9:51PM
Thank you for the kind words and your support. I am still amazed how people in law enforcement can do things like that, ignore evidence for convenience, call it justice, and then get away with turning a love and elopement story into a lie. In my case, it all started with the shady Sheriff Dupont, or "Hollywood" as his deputies used to call him, and eventually ended with the self-righteous prosecutor Ed Corrigan. They had all the evidence, knew EXACTLY what happened, and yet decided that they're going to make their own version of the story. So in response, that is why I put ALL the evidence on this website (all 800+ documents) so that everyone can judge for themselves. You can make up nonsense on TV and feed newspaper reporters lies, but there is no getting around evidence... :)
From: Moderator
On: Jan 19 2020 2:27PM
What an Adventure
From crash landing in a lake to finishing college and running your own company, this is the story that movies are made from. I was so enthralled by the Dateline segment that I obtained your book and read it in a few days. You didn't deserve the treatment that was meted out by the authorities both in Montana and the federal government. Many in the US think of the system as fair, just, and humane but your experience with it gives one a jaundiced view of the system. Some of those in power let it go to their heads and use it to benefit themselves instead of the public which they are paid to serve. You went from adversity to success and then ran up against a legal system that is convoluted to say the least. I am so glad to see that things worked out the way they did and that you didn't have any further incarceration. I wish you the best.
From: bigshark
On: Jan 22 2020 10:41AM
Thank you for your kind words and support. And YES, I am also amazed how the U.S. justice system works. For all the good it does, there is plenty of corruption, prejudice, and self-interest to taint what the forefathers intended the U.S. Government to be. Nonetheless, I consider myself lucky to have gone through it and come out with minimal detention time compared to the millions who are not as fortunate.
From: Moderator
On: Jan 22 2020 11:41AM
I believe you. All of it. People are stupid when they are young. I'm so sad and sorry for your loss.
From: buffy63
On: Feb 8 2020 8:00PM