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The following articles have been compiled from various sources. Although these and many more articles can be accessed via the Search page, the list below provides a small sampling of what is contained on this website.

1982+ ARTICLES...

  • After 17 days, 'routine' flight a deep mystery
  • Hunt for plane fails
  • Montana town shaken by tragic plane crash
  • Only the missing pilot knows reason for fatal flight
  • Vanishing act foiled by errant seatbelt
  • Father doesn't believe missing teens eloped
  • Refuelling stop adds to mystery
  • Flight plan deepens mystery of fatal crash
  • Missing pilot was injured, U.S. investigators confirm
  • Babcock death a drowning
  • Death pilot sought, but charges dropped
  • Pilot's fate still a mystery
  • Montana police continue hunt for missing pilot
  • Pilot holds answers in woman's death

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2006+ ARTICLES...

  • Internet search blows his cover
  • B.C. man arrested in Texas, 24 years after deadly plane crash
  • 24 years later, questions remain
  • Ambrozuk lived playboy lifestyle before arrest
  • Police-Canadian fugitive to fight extradition
  • B.C. man in fatal 1982 plane crash scheme changes plea
  • Trial set for B.C. man in '82 drowning case
  • Ambrozuk faces 10-year sentence
  • Two more chages laid against B.C. man whose girlfriend died in '82 when he crashed plane
  • Ambrozuk headed to trial
  • Man gets suspended sentence in girlfriend's drowning
  • Ambrozuk ordered to pay $34,500
  • Ambrozuk Sentenced on Passport Charge, Expects to be Deported

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