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Last e-Mail Genea sent to Jarek (What went wrong)
Genealen Marrs Johnson
McKinney, Texas

Apr 25, 2006 {ID: 7240} {Class: State (Criminal) | Sub-Class: Other}

This e-Mail titled "What went Wrong", sent from Genea regarding our breakup, is dated April 25, 2006. After our week-long vacation in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, this was the last e-Mail Genea sent me, cl... Login for more...

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Jarek Ambrozuk
Genealen Marrs Johnson
The 24 Years After


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Comment on last email
Beware a woman scorned... no more free trips to Japan were on offer so G jammed you up and dropped a dime.
From: MatthewBrew
On: Oct 12 2018 8:25PM
Do you really think she broke up because there were no more free trips? Or gifts? Wow. That really says a lot about how you perceive women. Sad really.
From: Ldrinkwine
On: Nov 16 2019 7:57PM
Of course not! Our relationship ended largely due to our intimacy issues and her abuse in her past relationships, which I thoroughly explained in the book. What I found puzzling was that Genea seemed so distraught about my past - as she explained on Dateline NBC - and yet she had no problem going on a free trip to Japan with me, or me spending lots of money on gifts for her, her mom, and her friends, while all along still being intimate til the last day of our trip in Tokyo before she turned me in. So in that sense, you're right! I don't understand women... :)
From: Moderator
On: Nov 18 2019 1:10PM
You are correct
After reading more and hearing her interview, it did come across as someone who was upset really only after she got what she wanted. Maybe she did feel pressured to be more intimate that she was ready for but certainly going on a trip like that while she was conflicted was not the right thing to do. I would have felt SOOO guilty for having done that and then turning someone in. If she felt that strongly about it she never should have accepted a free expensive trip.
From: Ldrinkwine
On: Nov 21 2019 6:54AM
Unfortunately, Genea was conflicted in many ways from what I observed during the few months we were together. As with most things, there is no simple explanation for why she went on the free trip to Japan, or why she waited four months before calling Sheriff Dupont to turn me in.

There is a complicated, intricate explanation behind why she did what she did, and that’s why I included four chapters in the book on our relationship and what actually happened between us. At first it seemed like overkill, but considering she did return me to my family after 24 years, albeit for spiteful reasons, I think the explanation is warranted. I think you will be surprised about who she really is compared to how she tried to portray herself on Dateline NBC… :)
From: Moderator
On: Nov 21 2019 8:08PM