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Locating the aircraft and Sheriff Dupont finding burnt items
Keith Morrison
Dateline NBC

Oct 12, 2018 {ID: 6110} {Class: State (Criminal) | Sub-Class: Media}

This video, extracted from the Dateline NBC program, is dated October 12, 2018. This was Dateline NBC's version of the events, but that is not how things happened. I spent an entire day with Keith Morrison discussing the events and answering his questions, but instead they left all that out and used Sheriff Dupont as their factual source.

Sheriff Dupont's recollection and embellishment may not be facts and evidence based, but it does add to the crime mystery and that's what this was all about—a good story and ratings. To get the true version, look at all the evidence on this website and read the book.

NOTE: For more information see 'More Related Details/Facts' below...


1) The only reason the Flathead County authorities knew about the plane being in the lake was because I called Tom and told him where it was, as Corky Derby admitted. Without me, they would have never found it. In fact, after I called and pin-pointed its location in the lake, it took them another several days to find it using sonar that come from a volunteer in Canada. Sheriff Dupont and his bumbling investigation had nothing to do with locating the aircraft, as Dateline implies.

2) Yes, they found the fire ring with various burnt items because that was what Dianne and I planned to do. After the accident, I was in shock and everything was up-side-down in my head, so the only thing that made sense was to follow our original plan.


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