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The reasons behind creating the website and writing the book
Keith Morrison
Dateline NBC

Oct 12, 2018 {ID: 6118} {Class: State (Criminal) | Sub-Class: Media}

This video, extracted from the Dateline NBC program, is dated October 12, 2018. Shane Bishop, one of the producers for Dateline NBC, had been contacting me every six months for the past 10 years, wanting me to tell my story. For the longest time I had been putting him off because I was still working on the book and the website with all the evidence that explains exactly how things happened, and why.

So, as you can imagine, when I finally agreed to an interview and eventually saw their program, I was shocked by what they had turned my story into. I spent an entire day interviewing, but they only used a few minutes of it, and instead filled the rest with things like some ladies at a log cabin, the two guys who gave me matches, and Genea.

It may not have been their best work, but at the very least their embellishment got people talking. What I noticed in their 2-hour documentary (and I use the word "documentary" here loosely because that would imply facts and evidence based) was that they left out many important pieces that would have presented a completely different story. Here are a few “fun facts” and examples of what I mean:

1) Sheriff Dupont had been telling the media for 24 years how he believed the aircraft never flipped over, how I casually grabbed Dianne’s non-existent purse and the money from the aircraft, and how I exited without helping her. So Dateline was going to create 2 different CGI graphic versions of the accident: one with his interpretation, and the other based on my recollection. But, in the end, they scrapped the Sheriff Dupont’s version because it didn't explain things like the aircraft’s broken outward windshield and the damage to the tail-fin. If they couldn’t explain it, then that would make Sheriff Dupont look like either an incompetent investigator, or a compulsive liar who had access to all the evidence but decided to ignore it.

2) Dateline also asked Ed Corrigan, the prosecutor in my state case, to do an on-camera interview, but surprisingly he said no. He had done many interviews with Dateline before, but for some inexplicable reason he declined it in my case. Now, why would a prosecutor who seemed to be on a mission to convict me at all cost—manipulating charges, making me plead guilty to a federal passport charge that had nothing to do with the state case, etc.—decline to explain himself and his actions on camera? I think if you look at the evidence on this website, and read the book, you will know why!

When people watch Dateline NBC, they automatically assume that the story is unbiased and based on facts. But I can tell you from personal experience that they would be wrong. Dateline is all about the ratings and creating a compelling story, no matter what the cost. And that is why I created this evidence website, and why I wrote the book—so that people like Sheriff Dupont, Ed Corrigan, and programs like Dateline NBC—could no longer misinterpret facts as a convenience, whether by ignorance or on purpose.


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