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The media elopement theory
Keith Morrison
Dateline NBC

Oct 12, 2018 {ID: 6111} {Class: State (Criminal) | Sub-Class: Media}

This video, extracted from the Dateline NBC program, is dated October 12, 2018. Reporters always try to piece together stories using a handful of clues that they dig up, but rarely get right. So you have to appreciate the irony of these two reporters discussing what they "believe" happened, as they base all their assumptions on nothing more than speculation. That is the power, and unfortunately the reality, of the media: they will do and say anything for ratings and a good story, irreverent of facts and evidence.

During Dateline NBC's pursuit of my story, I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions with Shane Bishop, the show producer, and Keith Morrison, who eventually did the on-camera interview. Out of all the topics we discussed and all the conversations we had, what stood out most was what Keith Morrison once said to me on a conference call with Shane. With a smirk in his voice, he said "People have their opinions and there was nothing I could say to change their mind," referring to the fact that no matter how many photographs, videos, RCMP and Flathead County evidence reports I present, people just don't care.

We may live in a world of "alternative facts", as many would like to make us believe, but what I found most disturbing was that this was coming out of the mouth of Keith Morrison: the man who was once the face of honest reporting. The man behind the program which I once regarded not unlike a documentary where facts and evidence prevailed above all.

Dateline NBC may have created a version of my story suited for their crime mystery audience, but that is not what happened. Sadly, they had access to the book and ALL the evidence on this website for years (over 800 documents in all confirming a completely different story) but chose to ignore much of it, and instead promote nonsense that Sheriff Dupont was making up for the past 24 years. When you read the book, and cross-reference my story with all the evidence on this interactive website, I think you will be surprised not only what you discover, but also what reporters and shows line Dateline NBC are capable of.


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