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Dianne was kidnapped and murdered, said Ed Corrigan
Keith Morrison
Dateline NBC

Oct 12, 2018 {ID: 6120} {Class: State (Criminal) | Sub-Class: Media}

This video, extracted from the Dateline NBC program, is dated October 12, 2018. This is a prime example of how an incompetent Flathead County investigator like Sheriff Dupont can completely alter the perception of what really happened during the night of the accident, and then falsely present his conclusions to the media and the Babcock family. Rather than looking at all the available evidence—the damage to the tail-fin indicating that the aircraft flipped over, the knocked out windshield indicating I was catapulted through it on impact with the water, the contents of the recovered bag indicating Dianne was a willing participant in our elopement, etc.—instead, Sheriff Dupont made up nonsense based solely on his bias and prejudice.

What is even more disturbing is that everyone else, including Ed Corrigan and the Babcock family, would follow suit. Ignoring evidence, they mounted a vindictive campaign, implying Dianne was “Kidnapped and Murdered”, as the prosecutor stated in front of the media.

What kind of people are these people? How can they say such horrible things in their victim impact statements and during my first state sentencing, and still consider themselves moral?

There is no doubt that what Dianne and I did was foolish, irresponsible, and in the end cost me the girl I was going to spend the rest of my life with, but all that was because we were in love and eloped. What they did, and said, was out of vengeance and hatred.

Perhaps this was why not only did the Babcock family decline an on-camera interview with Dateline NBC, but so did Ed Corrigan. Now, why would Ed Corrigan decline an interview in my case when he had previously appeared multiple times on the show defending his prosecution and moral stance in other cases?

I think when you look at all the state evidence, look at all the aircraft recovery photos taken, and then read the book that explains it all, you will know why!


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